Peace of Mind

Live independently with the confidence of knowing assistance will be with you when you need it.

Night and Gale removes the need to trouble a family member or neighbour in the middle of the night or to wait hours for an ambulance to lift you onto your feet should you have a fall without injury.

We guarantee one of our experienced responders will come to you quickly any time of the night and help you with the minimum of fuss.

Our team of experienced, professional Response Officers cover East Devon and Exeter 365 days a year responding to emergency requests for assistance promptly with our dedicated and efficient team. 

Simply paying a direct debit from £24 per month gives you and your family constant reassurance that someone is there, in person, to make sure you are comfortable as quickly as possible.

Help when you need it

At Night & Gale we understand the desire to remain independent and stay in your own home but we know that the risk of falls increase as we get older and even when the fall doesn’t cause an injury, it is shocking and upsetting and it may well be too difficult to get back up.


Waiting times for an ambulance can be lengthy leaving you uncomfortable and cold for many hours. You are our priority and we promise to be with you quickly when you need us.


How Night and Gale Works

Simply register our details with your telecare providers and if you have a fall press your pendant alarm and advise the telecare operator that you have had a non-injury fall. They will let us know you need help and we will send a responder to you immediately. If you are not registered with a telecare service we will be happy to recommend one or alternatively you can programme our number into your phone so you can call us if you need to. As all of our responders carry identification and are DBS checked, First Aid Qualified and insured you will feel safe the minute you have pressed the pendant and asked for assistance. 

“I feel so safe knowing that someone will be with me in person quickly.”

Mr C Walton



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